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Aside from running water, nothing is more important this day and age than electricity to power your homes, offices, and everything in between.  When it comes to making sure that power plants will not be effected by cold temperatures and run as efficiently as possible AEF Sales is there.  We have worked closely with many power plants from New Jersey, through New York, and all across New England.  Our partnership with these plants allows us to bring experience and knowledge to each and every new plant we enter.  Just as we know that no two plants are exactly same, we also know that our services and collaboration with these plants cannot be matched.  Our dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to detail helps to power the Northeast day after day.   

Here is a list of Power Plants where you can find our little AEF Stickers:

Bays Water - 56 megawatts

Covanta Hempstead NY - 72 megawatts

CPV Middletown - 680 megawatts

E.F. Barrett Power Station - 772 megawatts

Holtsville - 524 megawatts

Jamaica Bays - 54 megawatts

Northport Power Station - 1522 megawatts

Port Jefferson - 385 megawatts

PSEG Kearny - 270 megawatts

PSEG Linden - 1300 megawatts

PSEG New Haven - 130 megawatts

PSEG Sewaren - 540 megawatts

Ravenswood - 250 megawatts

Red Oak - 830 megawatts

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