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Heat Tracing Since 1964

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The Beginning

Anthony "AEF" Fasolino

​AEF Sales was started in March 1964 by Anthony E. Fasolino as Nelson Electric’s

representative in the metropolitan New York area. Tony worked in electrical     

construction as a member of the IBEW for several years prior to joining the Marines and serving in the Second World War. As a veteran, he had a chance to go to college and became a professional engineer after studying at RPI.  Solid engineering and design, combined with an understanding of real world construction, have been a part of the company from the very beginning.

Tony always made his presence known whether on the job site or in the conference room.  His combination of electrical engineering knowledge and dedication to customers ensured that once you worked with AEF, you never thought twice about where to go.  Tony demanded that a job be done correctly even if no one else wanted it that way.  

The Next Generation


In the early 1990's as Tony began spending more time on the golf course in Florida, his son, Peter, started taking on more responsibilities.  This included a full update of the technology being used, developing a bigger sales team, and eventually

streamlining all of the day to day activity by incorporating a shared server so employees could still utilize the same great software no matter where they

were located.  Most importantly, Peter had the idea to keep local inventory so if a customer needed material in a pinch it could quickly be delivered by hand or UPS.  

All of Peter's developments to keep the company on the cutting edge of technology were consistently paired with keeping his father's commitment to excellence and support of customers.  This means that from day one at AEF Sales we have been committed to providing customers with detailed and well thought out designs and on-site support during construction.

And It Continues


The same core values that began with the company in 1964 continue today under the guidance of Tony's grandson, Pietro Fasolino.  The 3rd generation President of AEF Sales is committed to bringing value to consulting engineers, contractors, and end users of our products. Our staff of factory trained heat trace specialists works as a team throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England to provide fast

and graciously knowledgeable service.

For more history please check out our AEF FYI archive by clicking here


Many manufacturers’ representatives work with a dozen or more principal                  companies and product lines. AEF Sales takes a different approach, working with only a handful of carefully selected manufacturers. This allows the members of the sales team to develop an in depth knowledge of products and applications and become a resource to our customers.


Contracts between manufacturers and their field sales representatives typically allow either party to walk away with 30 days notice. The relationships between AEF Sales and the companies we represent average over 40 years. These long term relationships have helped ensure that when our customers require factory support, it will be there.

From the beginning, we have understood that getting out to the job site, seeing as built conditions first hand, and providing support to the people installing our products is critical to successful heat trace installations.


Team AEF.jpg

The people at AEF Sales function as a team to provide the best possible service to our customers.  Every AEF Team Member has real time accessibility to up to date

inventory status, quotations, shipping information, and other data for a hopefully seamless customer experience.  This means that anyone of us can readily assist any of our customers at any time.

Unlike most sales organizations, no one at AEF Sales works off of commission.  There are no short term financial pressures or sales goals that might interfere with the company’s long term goal: growing the business by taking care of our customers.



After over 50 years in the heater cable business, we learned that the only way we can guarantee our customers the products they need when they need them is by having them on the shelf and ready to go.  Almost every item that comes into our 

warehouse is inspected to make sure that the inside of the box matches the outside of the box so when you get your items delivered they are ready to be installed.           

The support team at our warehouse provides customer service and manages an inventory of over 400,000 feet of heater cable in forty different varieties, over 200 kits, and a wide variety of sensors, controls and monitoring equipment.



AEF Sales stocks over 400,000 feet of heat tracing in its warehouse. A wide variety of control and monitoring equipment for individual or multipoint heater installations is also in stock, ranging from simple mechanical thermostats to 20 point microprocessor based systems. This allows for the immediate shipment of products demanded by today’s fast paced construction marketplace. Even more important, AEF Sales provides a variety of services that bring unique value to our customers.

Design Services

Since 1964, AEF Sales has worked with the leading consulting engineers and architects in the metropolitan New York area. Our heat tracing experience insures that the designs we provide will serve the intended function, meet applicable codes, and will stand up to the real world tests of construction and maintenance.


We can respond quickly to provide extensive and complete heater cable designs that meet the needs of clients and end users. Design work is informed by over 40 years of job site experience and followed up by field supervision as required to properly train installers and provide technical support needed for a successful heat tracing project.


Founded by a licensed professional engineer, AEF Sales takes pride in the long term relationships developed with consultants. Our philosophy is to put “specmanship” aside and focus on the needs of the end users.

Sample Design Drawing.jpg
Field Services

The factory trained heat trace sales force spends as much time at job sites as they do in offices and conference rooms. On projects where AEF Sales had participated in the original design work, we bring the thought processes of the original design stage to the construction site and help insure that the original design goals are kept even as field conditions evolve over the course of construction.


We also can provide field design services for existing installations. Field measurements are made and complete designs provided based on site conditions. Isometric drawings and follow up field support when products are being installed make for a trouble free and long useful life of the heat tracing systems.

Turnkey Installation

AEF Sales has always provided field technical support as an important part of any successful heat tracing project. Working closely with mechanical and electrical contractors selected by the general contractor or facility owner has been an ongoing commitment since 1964.


For customers requiring a sole source of responsibility for a heat tracing project, AEF Sales can also provide a complete package including heater design and materials. Experienced electrical and insulation installers working under contract to and under the supervision of AEF Sales allow us to control every aspect of the project.

Hot Water Piping Hudson Yards.jpg


Power Plants

AEF Sales has worked on numerous Power Plants.  By our rough calculation we have helped produce and protect 6400 megawatts, which is enough to power around 4.8 million homes.  

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Sports Facilities

Just like your team's star player, you want your heat tracing to be dependable when called upon.  AEF Sales has a history of working on facilities for a wide range of sports including having our logo proudly displayed on the USA Bobsled.

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From snowmelting walkways to freeze protection in airports AEF Sales has logged many miles. We have helped provide field support for travel by way of air, land, and Terminal C.

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Schools & Religious Buildings

We know that certain buildings need special attention including extra awareness to not change the appearance and to ensure materials are installed without disrupting the surrounding environment. 

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